What is the Keto Diet? ~ In search of my Dream Forever Diet…

What does KETO even mean? and how is it done?. I’m on a mission to find out if this new trend is yet another buzz word or can this way of fuelling and nourishing help me in my search for my ultimate DREAM forever diet!! it needs to be quick, simple to follow but essential that it meets the needs of a very busy, aging and rapidly expanding 44 nearly 45 year old perimenopausal antichrist!!!! I dream that my forever diet will inject me with tonnes of energy, make my skin and hair glow, reduce my midlife midriff and above all and i pray daily for this one… drumroll please BALANCE MY HORMONES (not much really) maybe i should call this blog in search of a MIRACLE DIET instead lol

I’ve have doctors orders to basically rest and relax for the next 6 weeks to help recover from a recent operation so this is my time to flourish..

I’m only on day 6 recovery and already have itchy feet so besides binge watching the RHONY (Sonya is my favourite person on the planet at the moment) i have dusted off all my study notes and jumped back into the wellness world which helps keep sane, inspired and happy i literally have a library of books, podcasts and so many saved documentaries to help keep me busy. Big shout out to nurse Brian who has been brilliant making me my super powered smoothies and nourishing salads he is a keeper !! Anyway back to keto and my FINDINGS so far…………..

What does the word KETO MEAN you may ask – the body can run on 2 different fuels

(A) Sugar from carbohydrates this is what most people primarily use examples being bread, pasta, rice etc.

(B) Fat – The Keto diet is low in carbohydrates meaning that the body uses fats to fuel the body instead of carbohydrates examples of fats would be eggs, fish, vegetables, meat , avocados, olive oil, nuts etc

So even your brain can be fuelled by fat when the body is out of sugar the fat is converted in the liver into small energy molecules called ketones that fuel the brain.

So being fuelled mostly by fats is putting your body into ketosis which has many benefits the top being you become a FAT BURNING MACHINE!! which is perfect for weight-loss without hunger.

You actually burn fat 24/7 even when sleeping

The Keto diet is not new the foundation of this diet is an old method that everyone has heard of zillions of times its basically the Strict Low-Carb Gluten Free Diet very similar to the Paleo diet and very close to the Atkins diet. So the basic idea is super simple and based on REAL FOODS – AVOID Carbohydrates like sugar, pasta, breads, cakes and junk food. EAT – meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and natural fats

So keto is a supercharged version of an old low carb diet which has been around for decades. As we all know our ancestors didn’t eat refined carbohydrates or sugar like we do today, modern science says that most people can loose excess weight without hunger and improve a number of health issues associated being overweight, people are not using this diet as a temporary fix many people are enjoying it as a long term lifestyle fix not just for weight loss but for long term health and well being such as feeling energised, mental clarity and stable blood sugar levels.

So this diet will turn me into a fat burning machine keeping me feeling full for longer which in turn will help me loose weight, control my blood sugars and reverse any health issues YIPPEE While my body burns fat my brain will be burning ketones RESULT as these are also made from fat.

It makes sense really as all around the world we have easy access to high carb and sugar foods 24/7 resulting in us eating sugar and starch many times a day making this our primary source of energy to fuel the body.

This increases the amount of sugar in our blood resulting in our bodies only burning sugar and the problem with burning primarily sugar is that this shuts down our fat burning SUPERPOWERS. When we eat carbs we raise our blood sugar and insulin levels but insulin is the bodies fat storing hormone so it tells your body to STORE FAT EATEN FOR LATER. So the sugar is burnt 1st the fat is sitting around waiting for later and what happens??? The problem in a nutshell is LATER NEVER COMES .

Later never arrives because in todays world we will soon eat again and not just junk food but starchy foods like pasta, breads and rice all of which rapidly breakdown in our gut turning to pure glucose which is a simple sugar raising blood sugar and insulin levels resulting in a bloodstream constantly full of sugar and a surplus under utilised store of fat which in turn moves our weighing scales slowly and steadily forward.

So quick debrief – Keto Diet you get your energy from fat not sugar/starch. Every muscle in our body can be fuelled directly by fat except for our brain but when you eat very few carbs our amazing bodies take fat from the liver and convert it to tiny energy molecules called ketones which are a great fuel for the brain. So on this diet even your brain will be burning fat. This is a very important function that our body requires whenever you don’t eat for some time. If your fasting or starving the stored sugar quickly runs out and our body starts producing ketones from fat to feed our brains. So last week i had to fast prior my operation so therefore i was most probably in ketosis burning lots of fat!!!.

So who thinks they could try out a keto diet? i feel it would be a great way to get me back to my dream weight but most importantly i absolutely love the sound of increased energy and mental clarity. I’m now going to find some nice keto recipes for Brian to cook for me and share with you as i’m really going to milk the few weeks of rest (wink wink).

Have a super Wednesday

Yvonne xoxo