Nutrilicious Food Co

Its been way too long since my last post but I’ve been a tiny bit busy.

January – March 2015
I completed the amazing 12 week Ballymaloe Cookery Schools Course.


April – Present
Then ended up fullfilling one of my wildest dreams by somehow managing to become an employee at the cookery school.

Starting off cooking for and working on the cookery schools market stall in Middleton every Saturday.


On Sunday I did my own little Nutrilicious Salads for the wonderful Cottage Market in Ladysbridge.


This in turn allowed me not be the nerdy foodie person wondering around with my ideas book in hand at Litfest 2015 but to be part of the festival where I showcased some of my creations at the Cottage Market Stall.


Then came the opportunity to put on my very own green teachers apron!!


Which enabled me to spend a fun filled crazy summer on the teaching rota.  Cookery classes varied from excited little kiddies classes to ever so loud American tours, my hours turned into days, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months but i buzzed my way through savouring every second, learning more than i could ever of imagined.

Brian kept Brandon and Aaron busy and happy whilst also working silly hours himself in our bar all while i was on my mission.  I knew this flying around would have to stop at some stage and plans put in place to finally start up the Nutrilicious Food Co.

I finish in Ballymaloe Cookery School on the 19th of December, if i was a young free and single lady i would quite happily of stayed forever!! as it really is a place of magic i still get goosebumps driving in the gates to work,  but ive just turned 40 and have a hubby 2 beautiful boys, a pub to sell, and want to concentrate on building up a business that their proud of.


Nutrilicious Food Company is a marriage of my two loves Nutrition and Cooking.

Getting back to basics cooking, where everything is made from scratch “unprocessed” “real food” “natural ingredients” “no additives” “no hidden agenda” “food that will nourish” “nourishing the soul”


Market Stall-Cookery Classes-Lunchtime Delivery Service will be my starting point.

Builders start Thursday on my small little kitchen, excited is an understatement, this has been 3 years in the making. Bringing a dream to life is so fulfilling,crazy,challenging,scary but im ready. Ready for my families next chapter.

I’m going to blog my crazy journey to show my grand-kids.

Hope you enjoy
Yvonne xx